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Stud Life

Stud Life Is an award-winning  movie that explores friendship between JJ, a black lesbian stud and Seb, a white gay man are best mates. Their friendship falls apart when JJ falls in love with the beautiful Elle. Meanwhile Seb dodges the advances of the so so gay drug dealer Smack Jack opting instead to chase rough trade Manchester Joe.  Both friends have to decide which is more important friendship or romance. Stud Life takes the viewer into a slice of life of an urban London LGBT scene never before seen, where gender is up for grabs, yet desire follows very strict rules.

Stud Life is filmed in London and is directed by CampbellX and starring T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove, Robyn Kerr and Simon Savory.

Stud Life had it’s world premiere in Fusion and was screened at  London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Outfest, Frameline, InsideOut, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and ImageOut among many.

Watch out for news of where Stud Life will be available on our Facebook Page and Twitter.

Stud life is available on iTunes, YouTube and Wolfe on Demand in all territories except the UK

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