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Radical Film Manifesto

  • Get your hands on equipment. Any equipment will do. Don’t be fussy; just practise your craft.
  • Read books. Can’t afford them? Then borrow them/order them from the library.
  • Raid the classics – literature and films.
  • Learn about your personal histories. Talk to your family. What are their stories?
  • Forget mainstream celebrity culture, use the people from your own subculture.
  • Look beneath the collective lies from your own culture and background and don’t be afraid to be true to your own reality.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other filmmakers. You are unique.
  • Learn about film history and culture from your country as well as international filmmaking.
  • Don’t be put off if people find your work challenging and sometimes argue angrily with you. If you want to be popular enter a beauty contest don’t be a filmmaker!
  • Finish your film to the best quality you can afford.
  • Get money from anyone you can. If you are not a good business person, get someone who is. If the funders don’t give you money make your film anyway.
  • Get together an informal support network to give you feedback on your projects – formal takes too much time and effort.
  • Be passionate about your work. If you don’t care why should anyone else?

    Do it! Make that film!
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