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BlackmanVision’s 100 Film Power List

Instead of getting angry and doing nothing I am just writing this list in response to the laziest stoopidest film power list created by the Guardian. I guess they just sat around in their white office full of smug white people who are too lazy to look beyond their white picket fence. Yes pun intended.

So here is the BlackmanVision 100 Film Power List in no particular order because we are not into competition and each person/organization has their own value and worth. Power is not just about money and box office, it is also about contributing to a wider important film culture and debate.

And guess what?  In this list there are some white people!  Feel free to add more in the comments or disagree. Bring it On!!

  1. Horace Ové – The first black person to ever make a feature length movie – Pressure,  in the UK, he is still going strong
  2. Gurinder Chadha – one of the most commercially successful female directors in the UK, invented a catchprhrase – Bhaji on the Beach, Bend it Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice
  3. Pratibha Parmar – award winning filmmaker of features and documentaries, the first lesbian of colour to make a feature film in the UK – Nina’s Heavenly Delights, Warrior Marks, Jodie; An Icon, The Righteous Babes
  4. John Akomfrah – award-winning director and film artist and OBE  – Handsworth Songs, Seven Songs for Malcolm X, Mnemosyne & the whole crew at Smoking Dogs, cos they are a collective Lina Gopaul, David Lawson, Trevor Mathison & Eddy George
  5. Noel Clarke – he makes all those gangsta urban dramas and gets on TV alot – Adulthood, 4321
  6. Lee Daniels – first Black person ever to win an Oscar – for Producing Monster’s Ball and directed Precious
  7. Oprah – she can just go by one name – nuff said, but put her money behind Malcolm X and Precious and other film/TV projects
  8. Tyler Perry – made his name through selling works to black people and set up the first Black owned film studio in the USA
  9. Will Smith – the biggest box office draw in the UNIVERSE!
  10. Jane Goldman – writes the best screenplays and directs and has pink hair – Stardust, Kick-Ass, The Debt, X-Men:First Class
  11. Ben Cook – director of LUX and supportive of people who are working in artists moving image
  12. Laura Mulvey – author of “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” and professor of Film at Birkbeck College
  13. Cheryl Dunye – first Black lesbian ever to make a feature film and recently directed The OWLS, also Watermelon Woman and Stranger Inside
  14. Ilene Chaiken – Producer of the L word – the biggest lesbian series ever
  15. Christine Vachon – most powerful producer of and the founding producer of New Queer Cinema – Poison, Swoon, Go Fish, Kids, Boys Don’t Cry,
  16. Tom Kalin – new queer cinema director – Swoon, Savage Grace
  17. Sarah Schulman – screenwriter and activist and will adapt her play Carson McCullers (Historically Inaccurate) into the movie Lonely Hunter
  18. Guinevere Turner – screenwriter of American Psycho,  Notorious Bettie Paige and  Go Fish
  19. Rose Troche – director of Go Fish iconic lesbian movie
  20. Effie Brown – indie film producer of Stranger Inside, Real Women Have Curves and In the Cut
  21. Racialicious – we are reading them, are you?
  22. After Ellen – if you are not on there, why not?
  23. Queerty – inside queer stories in Hollywood
  24. Derek Malcolm – wonderful critic who came to East London to talk to youths about film when I asked. His TV show was fantastic. His column awesome.
  25. George Clooney – because he does work in Darfur and knows Africa is NOT a country, box office god
  26. Ben Affleck – OK apart from J-Lo – let’s draw a veil over that one, is very knowledgeable about Black culture and Africa
  27. Matt Damon – has he been in any flops? No! And is a good writer and actor and friend to the queers
  28. F. Gary Gray – director Set it Off – nuff said and of course The Italian Job
  29. Spike Lee – for his massive portfolio and not letting Paxman get away with stupid questions about race, She’s Gotta Have It, X, Do the Right Thing
  30. Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski – (brother and sister team) for making awesome films like the Matrix and deconstructing white masculinity in a sneaky way
  31. Charlize Theron – for being a kick ass actress and Producing risky edgy  films  – Monster
  32. Apichatpong Weerasethaku – for  winning the Palme D’or this year and being an out gay man from a non- Western country making non-narrative films. w00t!
  33. Helen de Witt – for being one of the first people to work to set up the Trans Film Festival and also working at the LLGFF and LFF
  34. Kim Yutani – for setting up Fusion a place for films for queer people of colour
  35. Barbara Hammer – powerhouse of lesbian aesthetic and avante garde cinema
  36. Julianne Moore  – a friend to queers who has consistently used her *name* to get challenging queer work made. ♥
  37. Keith Shiri – founder of Africa at the Pictures which showcases African cinema
  38. Haile Gerima – writer director of Sankofa
  39. Isaac Julien – artist filmmaker Looking for Langston and Young Soul Rebels
  40. Deepah Mehta – director of Fire and big phat portfolio of others
  41. Mira Nair – director of Amelia, Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding
  42. Souleymane Cissé – director of Yeelen among many other films
  43. Nollywood – those Nigerian filmmakers are gonna take over the world and you won’t know what hit you
  44. Rajkumar Hirani – dir of 3 idiots the highest grossing Bollywood movie forget Bollywood at your risk
  45. Queen Latifah  – Producer  The Perfect Holiday – there will be more
  46. Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein – bare nostalgia here, so really scraping through – Crying Game, Pulp Fiction, Heavenly Creatures
  47. Debra Zimmerman – Women Make Movies
  48. Kathy Wolfe – Wolfe Video – largest/oldest distributor of LGBT movies
  49. Kahloon Loke/Tom Abell – supporter and distributor of indie LGBT work and founders of Peccadillo Pictures
  50. TLA Releasing – one of the largest distributors of LGBT titles
  51. Yvonne Welbon – Sisters in Cinema  – compiles a resource about African American women in cinema
  52. Sylviane Rano & Betty Sulty-Johnson – Images of Black Women Film Festival – it does what it says on the tin
  53. Suzanne de Passe – nominated for an Oscar for Lady Sings the Blues and now a major Hollywood executive
  54. Antoine Fuqua – dir Training Day where Denzel Washington won the Oscar
  55. Denzel Washington – a bankable heart throb since back in the Spike Lee days
  56. Halle Berry – one of my friends had lunch with her and said she was sweet and smelled nice. Box office kerching. This moment is so much bigger……
  57. Jodie Foster – did she come out yet? A child actor who did not go crazy and addicted
  58. Rich Ross – Head of Disney and out and proud – erm …how could he be ‘in” c’mon look at his picture?
  59. Sherry Lansing – first woman to head a Hollywood studio
  60. Amy Pascal – head of Columbia Tri-star
  61. Donna Langley – co-chair of Universal Pictures
  62. Sue Naegle – President of HBO Entertainment
  63. Elizabeth Gabler – President Fox 2000 Pictures
  64. Ann Daly – COO Dreamworks Animation
  65. Nancy Utley – President Fox Searchlight Pictures
  66. Emma Watts – President of 20th Century Fox – yeah she was responsible for Avatar
  67. Ellen De Generes – I know, she doesn’t make films but anyone promoting films wants to be on her show.
  68. Amy Baer – President and CEO CBS Films
  69. Laura Ziskin – Produces the Spider Man franchises
  70. Lauren Shuler Donner – Producer of the X-Men series
  71. Christina Norman – CEO The Oprah Winfrey Newtowrk
  72. Tracey Jacobs – Top Hollywood agent – Tim Robbins is on her books yaay and other A-Listers
  73. Hylda Queally – represents among others – Penelope Cruz nuff said
  74. Cynthia Pett-Dante – represents Brad Pitt :-)
  75. Claudia Lewis – Head of Production – Fox Searchlight – Whip It, Notorious
  76. Deborah Schindler – Head of Sony Pictures international motion picture production
  77. Nina Shaw – one of Hollywood’s power lawyers who negotiates for Jamie Foxx, Laurence Fishburne amongst others
  78. Vanessa Morrison – President of Fox Animation – Fantastic Mr Fox, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  79. Aamir Khan – Producer and actor – 3 idiots, Lagaan
  80. Stephanie Allain Bray – Hustle & Flow, Something New, and Black Snake Moan
  81. Debra Martin Chase – heads Denzel Washington’s Production Company
  82. Lisa Cortés – Producer – The Woodsman, Shadowboxer, Monster’s Ball, Precious
  83. Ava DuVernay – her company DVA provided strategy and execution for directors such as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Michael Mann, Gurinder Chadha
  84. Samuel D. Pollard – producer Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin yes!!! aslo works as a power editor
  85. George Tillman Jr. and Robert Teitel – producer/director team – Barbershop films, Notorious, Soul Food
  86. Abbas Kiarostami – writer – Certified Copy
  87. Rachid Bouchareb – French director – Little Senegal, London River, Hors La Loi
  88. Cath Le Couteur and Jess Search – Shooting People
  89. Rebecca O’Brien – Producer – Sweet Sixteen, My Name is Joe, Land and Freedom and The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  90. Rachael Prior – Producer – Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz
  91. Diablo Cody – Juno, (draw a veil over Jennifer’s Body) has cool ink and a great blog
  92. Angelina Jolie – no film will fail with this woman in it and lesbians love her!
  93. Jennifer Aniston – another box office winner – obviously the good girl to Jolie’s rude gyal tings
  94. Meryl Streep – apparently if her name is on anything it gets greenlit pronto. Hooray for older hotties
  95. Sarah Jessica Parker – people may sneer because of the so called ‘chick flick” genre but she brings home the box office bacon
  96. Cameron Diaz – quirky box office gold
  97. Sandra Bullock – everybody loves her and even more so now we know she can have heartache even tho she is worth millions
  98. Drew Barrymore – just gets better from E.T to  Charlie’s Angels and Whip it. Doing it for the grrls
  99. Helen Mirren – just plain UK film royalty
  100. Dame Judy Dench – used to be a patron of a little organisation I worked for and was charming and unpretentious – pure class
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3 Responses to BlackmanVision’s 100 Film Power List

  1. blackmanvision says:

    Sorry for the typos. Wrote it really fast off the top of my head as really busy working on Stud Life. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    At least it goes to show it doesn't really take much effort to be diverse and inclusive. :-)

  2. Adele V says:


    Sweet list, but missing alot of people, for starters: sis, you forgot to add these two:

    101: Campbell X: best black female film producer in UK

    102: Adele V Rogers: first lesbian, black, female writer, screeplaywright and soon to be producer of GLBTQ fiction and non-fiction, in Trinidad and Tobago (and the Caribbean…as far as I know)

    NB: There is a typo in the list: the word ‘Network’ in “Oprah WInfrey’s Network” is spelt incorrectly; and I am still waiting to add you to my list of people involved in my first GLBTQ movie, ‘Freaky and Geeky’

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