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Stud Life Movie – Casting Call

Mates b4 Muff
Writer/Director: CampbellX
Producers – Stella Nwimo
& Nadya Kassam

BD Women Clip from BlackmanVision on Vimeo. One of Campbell’s award-winning films

Stud Life is the new feature length film on queer street life in London written and directed by CampbellX. The film is a post-modern LGBT She’s Gotta Have It for the YouTube generation. Stud Life asks the perennial queer question, how do you choose between your lover and your best friend?

Stud Life is filmed over 10 days in London. Please note Stud Life contains lesbian, gay male and transgender content and scenes of a sexual nature and is a lo-budget independent film shot on HD video.

Dates of auditions will be 19, 21 22 July 2010 in London.
22 July will be the call back day.
Please email head shots and CVs to stating what role you are auditioning for. Please include links to any videos of yourself online.

JJ – 20 something Black butch masculine female, often mistaken for a guy.
Seb – JJ’s best friend and confidante and side-kick is a white ethnic 20 something emo gay man.
Smack Jack – 20-something Anglo English posh boy. He is smitten by Seb, who takes no notice of him.
Elle – 20-something lesbian hi-femme professional dominatrix. JJ falls for her but realises she is very hot to handle.
Manchester Joe – 30 something chavvy and thug sort of guy, Has anger issues and internalised homophobia.
White Man – 60 something
Thai Woman – 20 something
Bouncer – 30 something Black man
Iranian gay guy – 20 something
Older white boyfriend of Iranian guy – 50 something
Butch Boi – 20 something masculine woman
Hooded Youth 1 – 18-25
Hooded Youth 2 – 18-25
Flirty beautiful feminine woman – 20 – 60 something
1950’ s Bride – 30 something tattoed burlesque type woman
1950’s Groom – 30 something 1950’s style and vibe
Woman in Loo – 30-something
Barber 1 – 20 something – African
Barber 2 – 40 something – African
Hairdresser 1– 20 something Jamaican woman
Hairdresser 2 – 20 something – Black woman
Buppy woman – 30 something – Black aspirational woman
Buppy man – 40 something – Black aspirational type man
Old Skool Butch – 60 something woman
Chic Femme – 60 something woman
Hippy Femme – 30 something woman
Toi Boi – 30 something transman (FTM)
Asian bride – 20 something Asian woman
Bride’s Mother – 40 something Asian woman
Bride’s father – 40 something Asian man
Bridesmaid 1 – 20 something Asian woman
Bridesmaid 2 – 20 something Asian woman
Bridesmaid 3 – 20 something Asian woman

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5 Responses to Stud Life Movie – Casting Call

  1. Bernie says:

    Stud life sounds like a great film in the making.focussing on the lives of LGBTQ people. why is it necessary to caution audiences/actors by placing this provision in the ad ” Please note Stud Life contains lesbian, gay male and transgender content” and will this remain the preable when the film is produced?

  2. blackmanvision says:

    Hi Bernie
    Great question. Thanks for the encouragement and taking time to write this question. I am in two minds about it and this is why:-
    When I approached agents and they grilled me about the content, does it contain sex? er yes, will people be doing same sex kissing, yes, will there be some some but subtle. Well I think we need to alert the actors they said, so that they know that Stud Life contains scenes of a sexual nature that are LGBT – the latter abbreviation mine.

    I have been grilled and one website would not take my entry. So it seems we are not such a tolerant lot as we say we are in the UK.

    When the film is produced it wil be obvious what the content is, so that won’t be there. Are you an actor of filmmaker?

  3. Olivette Cole-Wilson says:

    Hi Nadya et al,
    I am very interested in being considered for this project.
    My computer is not working well but will try and send my details by the deadline.
    Best wishes

  4. Wow what a nice post about femdom ! I will appear back for far more regular! Thank you

  5. Wow what a nice article about femdom ! I will appear back for more everyday! Thank you

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