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Haiti – Analysis, Culture and History Links
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I just gathered together some links to make sense of the disaster in Haiti. I wanted to dig a little deeper about the people who live and love in Haiti. Haiti is the First Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere as a result of the Haitian Revolution a slave revolt, led by Toussaint L’Ouverture. I wanted to humanise the people for myself and for people interested in art and culture too.¬† Haiti’s debts started when they had to buy their freedom from France to compensate the slave owners for the loss of income. Here are some links I found.


  • Ghetto Biennale is an exhibition in Port au Prince, challenging art hierarchy and discourse and critiquing globalisation.
  • WomenArts is a resource focussing on female artists in Haiti and includes books about Haiti.



  • Yele a foundation started by Haitian-American musician Wyclef Jean.
  • The Foundry who has a history of working with Haitian artists has set up a donation which goes directly to people in Port au Prince.
  • Madre has worked tirelessly in Haiti since the 80’s.



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4 Responses to Haiti – Analysis, Culture and History Links

  1. Sokari says:

    Also Kevin Pina’s films including “We must kill the bandits” probably the best film documenting Aristide’s election

    Thanks for the links and additional information

  2. Lindsay says:

    wow, i'm haitian, so i love to see anything about haiti. thank you for highlighting haitian culture and art, we are a hell of a lot more then our financial and political problems, especially when some of those problems were due to being embargoed by france and then paying them off until 1947 so they could establish an economy and trade.

    anyway, i'm clicking on some of these links immediately. ;- )

    • blackmanvision says:

      Thanks for the comments. My great grandmothers people came from Hait. We are all connected. Plus it was so random where our captured ancestors were taken to.

      And yes most people don\’t know that Haiti had to pay France for compensation of loss of income!! France never paid them back this blood tax.

      • Lindsay says:

        that's what the article i linked to is about, people currently petioning france to pay reparations to haiti, lol. if there was ever a clear cut case for european slaveowners and colonizers paying african descendents back for slavery, the debt that france owes haiti is it, particularly considering that it took haiti almost 150 years after slavery was abolished on the island to pay france for loss of "property" (slaves) .

        my only fear is if they ever got the money from france in the form of reparations, not just "aid" where would it go? haiti has such a horrible history of deeply corrupt and ineffective gov't leaders, i wonder if the money would go to rebuilding the country or if it would end up embezzeled, a la duvalier.

        btw…i'm loving the subject matter of your lastest film .;- )

        doux doux

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